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Our guidelines

We believe that virtual reality is the future of education, because it introduces a whole new dimension to the way students learn. The educational system has grown to be dependent on two-dimensionals ways of learning, but through VR students will be able to interact with their work on a much more personal level. Students will be able to work inside of the environment that molecules inhabit, and will be able to properly learn about how they interact and make up the world we live in.

Why VR?

As of now we are currently building a product that will be capable of introducing that next advancement in education. Our development cycles have a release scheduled for the near future, and we will soon be opening up for user trials. Be sure to stay up to date on our site for an opportunity to try our software.


Name Description Beta test! Price
Infnite Chem Comes with basic modules and chemistry lessons. Click me for Beta Testing $49.99
Infinite Chem+ Includes Infinite Chem basic and more (TBD) Coming in 2020! $99.99